A Miniature Of Bigger Things

by Enigmatical & Misto Soon

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Recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden 2005-2006. Originally released as a manufactured CDr in 2009.


released January 1, 2009

Produced and arranged by Enigmatical.




Enigmatical Sweden

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Track Name: Con-tours
We wanna be free but also draw the line/
so we forever rise and fall in order to define/
the everlasting search to openness design..

For those that wanna build upon this magic and the hands they go to the carving/
`til those names of all infinity hits those margins below/
and then exceed the speed of hope and from the state and to the place and so/
stretch and invest the vistas to points/of erase and redraw/
`cause we shape the seesaw of poise/variations rejoice and/recognize/
the narrowness/aims/on symbolisms of all arts being framed/
listen, a contour/that is nothing but a principle of guiding/
those impulses climbing beyond/to where it belongs/
I anchor myself in explorations of forms/
`cause the colors have eyes/ but won’t take their shades of/
I look èm in their change to learn what they fade for/
that’s into or out of this blue for example/
add yellow light and then play green on alto..

We wanna be free but also draw the line/
so we forever rise and fall in order to define/
the everlasting search to openness design..

This descends from the will of separation lineally/
still the ivory and ebony said heaven need to sign me/
I sketch in transparent/deviationists, check your bearing/
my canvas is soul/for newancees, winds or the whole world is on it/
now I’m zoning this brink where I win `cause I know that I can’t/
and I’m putting my whole goal into a chant and it goes/
break, box, wall, shell, never jell, for the movement gotta be the trail/
slay, trend, end, slaves, never safe, continuation’s the brave/
love, crumbs, kiss, slab, never brag, for the humble better be the bag/
I, con, tours, here, never fear, sanguine eyes and their tears..

Forbidden dynamics/it’s the intimacy between a rule and its defyer/
you know, like Gemini’s when they fighting/desires and objections/
working titles and life/and that’s a serenade/
nothing to prove and we just paraphrase/and we shall resonate..
Track Name: Inner Things & Outskirts
Pass the remote that’ll blacken the moon/from the rappin` to the tomb/
the electricity and the baby’s they all boom/and even Haley’s assume that we have been here before/
I agree being born just me into this war/contract with a contrast/
new clear laugh and a nuclear/blast/we are gonna have it/
while shooting stars are kinda feeling stranded/
I wish for the milky way to fall on the starvation/
and black holes to swallow consumption (conjunction)/
polluted air and a vacuum out there/celestial bodies and a vanity affair/
compare the rocks that we throw/to the asteroids passing us/
allowing us to live another day/a mother say go out to play/
but it’s screen verses sky/now they wanna teach machines how to hurt inside/
they can’t beat my heart/resembling the battling degrees of mars/
and a single satellite floating out in deep space/while the inner city kids feel alone the same way..

Ain`t nothing you can tell us we blow up the spot/slop/ and think about what I said/
I think I got a problem in my..mmmhhmm/you don’t know the rest/you don’t know the restive/
no edges/planet from afar/expanding space/disappearing jobs/it’s a constant throb/
there is a sun/a system/you’re gone/into the universe/fighting over land/
until the bang is reverse/now, where you gonna stand?/
I hope you’re not claustrophobic, oh you done lost your probe it’s/
checking out the avenue I mean the galaxy/I think it’s mad at you for your fallacy/
actually/here it comes infoed with the balance/
involving us ain`t even worth the challenge/ufo`s flee, you don’t know we sliding paradise to the curb/
did I make myself blurred?/ that’s a negative/stardust walking with a chain around the wrist/
and children’s blood covering up my pair ò kicks/paradox/
embryo I call it/call for help/you wanna call for yourself but you lost the number/
small step for man, it would be/ exoneration is impossible/
take me away/inner days and outer space..